Dynaudio Unheard: Smukfest

January 11, 2019 2018, smukfest, unheard

Dynaudio has build a state-of-the-art touring recording studio in 2 huge cargo containers.

Why? Because we believe everyone deserves their big break.

Did you know that the top one per cent of artists earn 77 per cent of all record-industry income? A staggering 91 per cent of all artists are completely undiscovered. That’s outrageous. And something needs to be done about it.

Think of them all, tucked away in rehearsal rooms, basements, bedrooms and garages. They’re creating, and sweating, and believing. They’re on it. And no one knows who they are. We want to give something back.

So, we’ve created a state-of-the-art pop-up recording studio and teamed up with a professional producer. We’re going to take it on the road, and we’re going to give that 91 per cent the opportunity to level the balance.