How to run-in Dynaudio speakers: Dynaudio Academy Webinar

September 13, 2019 Dynaudio Academy, Webinar
It's a question Roland runs into often... 'Does it really make sense to run-in your speakers?' which is usually followed up by 'and if it does, how long does it take?'

In this live-recorded webinar, we grabbing the bull by its horns and diving into the practice of running-in speakers together with Roland Hoffmann.

Roland is the director of our Dynaudio Academy, which specialises in training and educating distributors, dealers and customers in Dynaudio, Dynaudio technologies, and Dynaudio products - a skill Roland has honed for nearly 20 years.

Watch 'How to run-in Dynaudio speakers' to get Roland's best tips and tricks to making sure your Dynaudio demo speakers always sound their best.