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Introducing the Core range

15,931 views September 06, 2019

Core is the most revealing reference monitor in Dynaudio history : breathtaking accuracy for when...

Dynaudio Studio Masters | Justin Stanley

738 views July 05, 2023

We visited L.A to Get an insight into the creative world of Producer and composer Justin Stanley,...

Why we listen

204 views June 20, 2019

The new Core 47: Dynaudio Unheard at Midem 2019

4,666 views August 21, 2019

What's the Dynaudio Core 47? How is it different from its siblings? And why should you get it?...

Core Mounting Bracket

9,000 views September 05, 2019

The Dynaudio Core mounting brackets – designed and manufactured specifically for us by our...

How to set up your Core speakers

9,797 views July 04, 2019

Watch as Stephen Entwistle, Senior Designer at Dynaudio, walks you through setting up your Core...

How Core solves positioning problems

3,697 views June 20, 2019

The AIR series was famous for its advanced DSP system. But our acoustic engineers don’t believe...

Electronics: how Core keeps it simple

5,814 views June 20, 2019

Power to spare. Each driver has its own dedicated class-D amplifier: 500W each for the woofer and...

The Orbit baffle

3,885 views June 20, 2019

Core 59’s Orbit baffle rotates too, so you can use it in left, right, or centre-channel...

Core's woofer

3,535 views June 20, 2019

Core 59’s new bass driver has emerged from over 18 months of intensive study into subwoofer...