That's a wrap: Dynaudio Unheard at Midem 2019

June 07, 2019 2019, Midem
The Dynaudio Unheard has went to the Midem music industry festival in Cannes in search of big new talent. And wow… did we find some.

Anyone who’s anyone in the music business goes to the Midem festival. It’s a must-attend event for the suits to do deals, for the start-ups to find new customers, and for the best new talent to find new fans.

We worked with the festival’s Artist Accelerator programme – where up-and-coming talent performs in front of hordes of chequebook-wielding decision-makers at the amazing Midem Beach stage (and we mean amazing; ever seen a stage flanked by superyachts? This is that) – to bring artists into the Dynaudio Unheard studio.

We had reggaeton, jazz, art-rock, sex-positive activism, sun-kissed acoustic vibes, on-the-fly-songwriting masterclass and much more. Above all, we had talent. Massive amounts of talent. If anyone ever says the music industry is in trouble, or that there isn’t enough variety, just send them to the Dynaudio Unheard studio (or our YouTube page) to swiftly change their mind.

Music never rests. We’re happy about that, because we’ll be back in Denmark at Smukfest 2019… and we can’t wait.