Dynaudio Focus and Google Home

167 views May 30, 2022

It's easy to use Google Home/Chromecast with your Focus speakers. Learn how in 90 seconds.

Dynaudio Focus and Tidal Connect

1,579 views May 30, 2022

Learn how to play music on your new Focus speakers using the Tidal app via Tidal Connect.

Dynaudio Focus and Spotify Connect

139 views May 30, 2022

Using Spotify with Focus is really simple. You can also save Spotify Playlists as presets.

How to clean the rubber surround on your speaker

4,604 views March 25, 2022

You’ll need:- A soft cloth- A small bowl- A cotton bud- Cleaning Benzine- Sonax rubber agent- A...

Dynaudio - How a speaker works

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Are you just getting into hi-fi? Or perhaps you're a seasoned veteran but have just never really...

The Sound of Humanity: rolling with it

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“I can bypass your brain and go straight into your heart,” says jazz-sax legend Kirk...

The Sound of Humanity: musical gumbo

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Music is something we all relate to. It doesn’t matter which culture we’re from, or what we’re...

If you listen more...

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Music permeates the space of menswear designer Nicholas Daley’s studio based in the Bernie Grant...

High quality recording: why the chain of...

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Dynaudio's Ask the Expert returns at HIGH END Munich 2019 to talk with resident producer Ashley...

The Sound of Humanity: pick it up and play

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Is what we play (and how we play it) set in stone before we pick up an instrument for the first...

Speaker positioning, placement and calibration

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How do you adjust your loudspeakers for the optimal sound? How should you place them? And what...

Core podcast: episode one

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