Making sound at Skanderborg Festival: the second largest in Denmark

August 08, 2016 ask the expert, interview
In this Special Edition of Ask the Expert, we are on a field trip to Skanderborg's local festival, Smuk Fest, which is one of the biggest in Denmark.

And we are in 'expert hands' as always, because our guide is our very own Michael Munch. At Dynaudio, he's Product Manager for our Custom Install products, but once a week each August, he manages the biggest stage at Smuk Fest in his capacity as Stage Manager.

You can get to know Michael a little better here:

01:15 - What is Smuk Fest?
03:41 - How many watts does the main stage have?
04:56 - Could you use Dynaudio speakers at a festival?
07:18 - What is the PA system like?
09:21 - Does the musician and audience get different mixes?
10:09 - How do you cover the whole audience with quality music?
12:31 - How long does it take to set up/pull down?

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