Making sound at Smukfest: the second largest festival in Denmark

In this Special Edition of Ask the Expert, we are on a field trip to Skanderborg's local festival, Smukfest, which is one of the biggest in Denmark.

And we're in 'expert hands' as always. We're getting a guided tour from Michael Munch. One week each August Michael trades in his day job for the biggest stage at Smukfest. 

01:15 - What is Smukfest?
03:41 - How many watts does the main stage have?
04:56 - Could you use Dynaudio speakers at a festival?
07:18 - What is the PA system like?
09:21 - Does the musician and audience get different mixes?
10:09 - How do you cover the whole audience with quality music?
12:31 - How long does it take to set up/pull down?

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