Ask The Expert Episode 002: Monitor Placement In Home Studios

April 29, 2016 Ask the expert
On our second episode of Ask The Expert, we recruited our Senior Acoustic Engineer, Stephen Entwistle, to answer all of your questions about studio monitors in smaller studios such as the home studio.

00:30 - Sacha Hansler: Can an EQ and RTA fix a monitor problem?
01:34 - Mixx Pitt: Does a smaller monitor have a better image?
02:52 - Seamus McManus: How do you feel about mono reference for the engineer instead of twin stereo monitors?
03:45 - Roelof Klop: Bass trap, 20cm of glass wool won't do the job, right?
04:41 - Philip Paske: Is it possible to treat a very small room?
06:43 - Rob Rodier, Simon Magnusson, and Julian Rodriguez: How should I place my monitors?
07:53 - Dom Capello: My room has been treated as much as possible, but I still have a null in the mix position between 90-125. What to do?
08:45 - Jérémy Savry, and Jan Lindvaag: How do I set up my subwoofer?

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