The inner workings of a loudspeaker driver

June 23, 2016 ask the expert
We are talking about loudspeaker drivers. And to help us answer all of you brilliant and insightful questions, we enlisted Andreas.

You can meet this episode's expert, Andreas, right here:

00:35 - Why use a particular voice coil diameter in Driver design?
02:32 - Why does Dynaudio only use one material for its cone design?
04:06 - Is there such a thing as a 'fast' driver?
05:50 - What's the difference between drivers for Home/Car applications?
07:54 - Why don't Dynaudio always use neodymium magnets in their drivers?
08:30 - What is the life cycle of loudspeaker parts?
09:22 - How does a passive crossover affect loudspeaker drivers?

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