'Are some speaker better for movies', 'what are ohms', and many other questions

May 22, 2017 ask the expert
We’ve been through the archives and found the best questions we just didn’t have time to fit into earlier episodes. That’s about to change. We went Live with our Product Manager, Otto Jørgensen, from the annual High End show in Munich, Germany to talk about a little bit of everything in-between impedance and waveguides.

00:39 - Michelle Kelly Wang: Are some speakers better for movies and others for music?
02:40 - Joe Sbonbetti: Why are Dynaudio speakers so light?
05:17 - Krishna Mohan: What are ohms?
09:07 - Howie Xerxes: Will you use the new Special Forty drivers in other products moving forward?
09:50 - Boy Griffioen: Why don't you use a waveguide?

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