How to clean your speakers

February 13, 2017 ask the expert, interview
Cleaning your speakers can involve everything from a quick dust-down to a full wash. But what can and can't you do? We invited our Customer Care Manager, Otto Jørgensen, inside our Ask the Expert studio to talk about the nuts and bolts of loudspeaker care.

00:52 - How do I clean a woofer cone?
01:37 - How do I clean and maintain the rubber surround?
02:35 - How do I clean a tweeter?
03:33 - How do I fix a pushed in tweeter dome?
05:00 - Why isn't the tweeter dome protected better?
06:30 - How do you clean your cabinet?
07:09 - What do I do if there's a scratch?
08:02 - How do I clean the older Contour's steel baffle?
08:37 - How do I make sure my speakers aren't damaged?

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