Small room, big hi-fi system... Could it work? Let's talk room correction!

November 21, 2017 ask the expert
How your room performs matters quite a lot - perhaps more than some would even think. But why is that? And can I do something about it? And what's up with that new RoomAdapt feature in the Music-family?

It's time for another episode of Ask the Expert. We've invited one of our Acoustic Engineers inside the studio to unpack what room acoustics are and answer all of your questions.

In this episode:
00:55 - Domey Ladkrabang: Small room with big hi-fi setup. How to?
05:09 - Suggestion no. 1: What can I do to improve the acoustics in my room?
15:46 - Nicholas Hayes: Diffusion vs. absorption? What's the difference?
18:40 - Santanu Dasgupta: Please explain Bass Diffusers.
21:05 - Suggestion no. 3: Which freq. areas are affected by boundaries?
24:45 - Suggestion no. 2: What's RoomAdapt and how does it work?

As promised, here's the link to the resource that Kristoffer mentions in the video:

Acoustic treatment:
Room acoustics software:

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