Speaker positioning, placement and calibration

March 19, 2019 ask the expert
How do you adjust your loudspeakers for the optimal sound? How should you place them? And what about calibration? These are some of the questions we deal with in the very first episode of our Ask the Expert series. To help us out, we invited Otto Jørgensen, one of our customer care managers, inside our small studio. Enjoy!

00:20 - Udo Holzmann: "any comments for my setup?"
04:12 - Trond Roaas: "do you have any reference music for speaker placement and toe-in position?"
05:57 - Thomas Eriksen: "can you define 'soundstage'?"
09:23 - Arn Klein: "I can only place my speakers along a large window. Any suggestions?"
10:03 - Neil Copland: "how do I keep my mother-in-law from moving my speakers?"
10:28 - Humbert Sin: "my speaker setup is in the corner of the room. How would you set that up?"
11:35 - Ted Sanborn: "I turn off Audyssey to achieve full range sound, is that optimal?"
13:23 - Anders Blichert-Refsgaard: "I have a large living room with wooden floors and a sloped ceiling covered in Troltekt, but I miss bass. What can I do?"

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