Subwoofers: do they add an extra dimension to your speakers?

December 11, 2017 ask the expert
Stephen Entwistle, our Senior Acoustic Engineer, joins us on Ask the Expert to talk about one of his big passions: Subwoofers.

And it's something he knows a thing or two about. You see, he has just spearheaded the design of our four new subwoofers!

In this episode:

00:54 - Hintsa Sandy: What's the key to making a clean, punchy and tight subwoofer?
02:31 - Brian Nielsen: Take away the presets from the Sub 6, what's it's advantage over the Sub 3 now?
05:00 - Peter Silvester: What do subs add to speakers that already have a good low-end extension?
09:48 - Tim Rangi: Where should I put my subwoofer?
13:33 - René Christensen: Why do people often believe that bigger drivers are slower than smaller ones?

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