Vinyl-based Hi-Fi systems

May 03, 2017 ask the expert
Vinyl is back. Well, it's been for a while now, so that's nothing new in itself. But, with vinyl sales set to reach the same levels as in the eighties, we thought it was about time to invite our vinyl-buff, Claus P. Rasmussen, inside our small studio to talk about vinyl-based Hi-Fi systems.

01:06 - Tim Werner: Does the weight of a record matter?
04:43 - Mads Kok: Is a remastered record always better than the original?
07:54 - Henrich Kruse: Can I stream my vinyl records to an active speaker?
09:46 - Mohammed Saleh: Why do I need a phono pre-amp?
12:05 - Franz Umber: What's the difference between a belt drive and direct drive turntable?
14:15 - Steve Wodell: What's the difference between a moving magnet and moving coil design?
16:29 - Andy and Chuck: How do you match the cartridge with the tonearm?

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