What's an active crossover?

April 03, 2017 ask the expert, interview
Roland Hoffmann, our senior manager for the Dynaudio Academy, visits the Ask the Expert studio to answer questions about active crossovers.

00:52 - Jan Krs-etsche: what exactly makes it an 'active' crossover?
02:25 - Chris, Alexandros, and Jesper: What's the benefits of them?
05:21 - Paul: Have you considered integrating tone controls?
07:18 - Craig: Do you tune for a flat EQ or more pleasant sound?
09:40 - Fingerhut: Can a suboptimal position of speakers be neutralized by DSP and some sort of digital crossover?
12:46 - Bill: What has greater influence. The impact of the active crossover or no circuitry between power output stage and voice-coils?
13:39 - Joshua: Is active a short-term fix for speaker driver's quality?
14:54 - Maxwell: Are you slowly making your entire line-up digital?

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